New Problems - New Solution

New Problems - New Solution

Forté is pleased to unveil the latest product in its range...

New Generation Engine Flush has been specifically created to combat the effects of biodiesel and ethanol fuel contamination in the oil system.

Forté has formulated the new engine flush to address the latest contamination trends affecting modern vehicles and engine oils. It has an improved blend of cleansing agents, dispersants and antiwear agents to provide increased cleaning and moisture emulsification in the lubrication system.

"Today's highly effiicient petrol and diesel engines are equipped with a range of technologies to ensure they produce low emissions and the best possible fuel economy. This, paired with the increased use of biodiesel and ethanol based fuels, has led to increased contamination in the oil system," said Dave Norton, Forté's Technical Manager.

NEW Problems...

NEW Solution...

NEW GENERATION ENGINE FLUSH from Forté, the Choice of the Professional

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