Petrol Specialist Injector Cleaner

Forté Petrol Specialist Injector Cleaner is a complex blend of specially selected cleaning agents which act together to dissolve deposits that are formed in fuel systems which restrict the efficient delivery of fuel to the combustion chambers, this is also key to reducing the risk of the LSPI phenomenon by keeping systems pristine.

Forté Petrol Specialist Injector Cleaner is compatible with all fuel system and engine components, including lambda sensors and catalytic converters.

Forté Petrol Specialist Injector Cleaner should be used at regular service intervals or whenever symptoms indicate that treatment is necessary.

To be used for regular maintenance in conjunction with Forté Advanced Formula Gas Treatment or Forté Petrol Saver as part of a Complete Petrol System Clean.

  • Removes lacquer, varnish and carbon deposits from single and multi-hole injectors
  • Reduces exhaust emissions
  • Improves engine performance and drivability
  • Restores efficient fuel delivery to improve combustion process
  • Neutralises acids and stabilises fuel against moisture, corrosion and decay
  • Compatible with indirect, direct and dual injection systems
  • Compatible with Catalytic Converters, Oxygen Sensors and Gasoline Particulate Filters
  • Compatible with all petrol fuels including Ethanol up to E10