Oil System Protector

Forté Oil System Protector has been specifically formulated to prevent the effects of contamination build-up and crankcase acids within the engine oil system. Extended oil drain periods and stop/start driving conditions place greater demand on engine oils to provide suitable protection on technically sophisticated engines, compromising the engine oil’s ability to protect and leading to excessive wear and reduced engine efficiency.

Forté Oil System Protector is designed to optimise the performance of engine oils to combat contamination, improving and maintaining crankcase cleanliness and reducing wear.

Forté Oil System Protector is compatible with all crankcase fill oils for petrol and diesel engines, including fully synthetic, which meet the specification of API and ACEA classifications.

Forté Oil System Protector is added to optimise the performance of new oil. It is essential that engines are flushed with Forté Advanced Formula Motor Flush at each service.

  • Optimises engine oil performance
  • Maintains oil stability during extended service intervals
  • Prevents oil burning
  • Maintains cleanliness of valve train systems such as Variable Valve Timing and Hydraulic Valve Lifters to prevent sticking or noise

Forté Oil System Protector is only sold with New Generation Engine Flush as part of the Clean and Protect package