Advanced Diesel Fuel Conditioner

Advanced Diesel Fuel Conditioner

Suitable for bulk tanks – Treats up to 2500L

Forté Advanced Diesel Fuel Conditioner cleans and lubricates the entire fuel system before, during and after combustion. It improves overall engine power and efficiency, considerably reducing costly downtime and component replacement in direct and indirect injection engines. It is compatible with common rail direct injection and Pumpe Duse diesel engines.

When diesel fuel is treated with Forté Advanced Diesel Fuel Conditioner and used in diesel engines, including unit injection and Common Rail systems, the fuel will still meet EN 590 specification and it will not increase the load on the particulate trap by an ash free combustion.

Forté Advanced Diesel Fuel Conditioner not only prevents problems and enhances engine efficiency and performance but also restores fuel delivery and air volume in the cylinders. By doing so, it effectively promotes efficient combustion and reduces exhaust emissions.

Forté Advanced Diesel Fuel Conditioner is compatible with regular diesel fuel (EN 590) and all bio diesel fuels to B100.

  • Cleans the complete diesel fuel system including fuel pump and fuel injectors.

  • Provides lubrication of fuel pumps and injectors from high-pressure diesel fuel systems, proven by the HFRR-test.

  • Minimises soot formation and blow-by contamination in the engine oil by fouling of the piston top land and piston ring grooves.

  • Improves combustion and minimises the amount of inlet manifold contamination by the E.G.R. and C.V. system.

  • Minimises the load on DPF and SCR particulate traps by improving the combustion.

  • Minimises the smooth-running corrections by improving the mixture preparation.

  • Improves oxidation stability of the fuel, especially for biodiesel and mixtures with EN 590 diesel.

  • Prevents bacteria (diesel bug) growth in fuel.

  • Lowers the temperature at which a fuel filter is blocked

  • Can be used neat to prime diesel fuel filters.