Forté Power-Clean to the rescue

Chris Peacock, of AP Autocare in Bristol, was one of the first garages in the UK to purchase Forté’s Power-Clean four-in-one machine. One of the main reasons Chris chose to buy the machine was that it combined four functions in one powerful machine.

He says,

“It works well on vehicles with lack of power and those that have failed the MOT and also is great for high mileage cars with a great need to clean the engine as they become restricted in the air intake manifold.”

The Forté Power-Clean 4-in-1 cleaning machine allows direct cleaning with new specially formulated treatments for fuel injection, turbo diesel, air intake and DPFs.

The fuel injection service cleans the fuel injectors, intake valves and combustion chamber with a concentrated cleaning solution.

A turbo treatment cleans turbines and variable geometry vanes by injecting a treatment directly into the combustion chamber.

An air intake service injects a cleaner into the manifold and inlet valves to remove contamination and the DPF treatment flushes out soot and ash, restoring original operation.

Power-Clean garages can now be found on here.