Forté Technical Tips – Engine oil additives comparison

Looking to improve your knowledge about engine oil additives, from what they are, to how they all differ? Join us as we take a look at the Forté oils and compare them all.

What is an engine oil additive?

Put simply, engine oil additives are chemical treatments commonly used in automotive, industrial and machinery oils. They are added to engines to enhance the oil’s properties, improve performance and provide additional benefits. 

How are oil additives different?

Oil additives differ from each other in their chemical composition and the specific benefits they deliver. The chemical differences are based on the intended performance of the additive, which determines the blend of key ingredients. 

There are four main components in an engine oil additive; Detergents, Dispersants, Anti-Wear Agents, Viscosity Improvers. 

Let’s go into these in more detail… 

  1. Detergents

Function: Clean engine parts and neutralise acids formed during combustion 

Benefits: Help to clean deposits, sludge and varnish formation on engine parts 

Action: Work to remove existing deposits, while dispersants prevent these contaminants from clumping together and causing engine damage 

  1. Dispersants

Function: Keep contaminants suspended in the engine oil additive, preventing them from forming sludge or varnish 

Benefits: Prevent small particles and contaminants from agglomerating, keeping them suspended in the oil until they can be filtered out 

Action: Help keep the engine clean by preventing deposits and sludge formation 

  1. Anti-wear agents

Function: Form protective films on metal surfaces 

Benefits: Reduce friction and wear, extending the lifespan of engine components

Action: Form a protective layer on metal surfaces, reducing friction and wear between moving parts. This helps to extend the lifespan of the engine components 

  1. Viscosity improvers

Function: Improve the viscosity-temperature behaviour of the engine oil additive 

Benefits: Enhance the oil’s viscosity stability across temperature ranges, ensuring it remains effective in both hot and cold conditions 

Action: Regulate the oil’s viscosity, ensuring it remains stable across a wide range of temperatures. This is important for maintaining proper lubrication in various operating conditions 

How do Forté’s engine oil additives compare? 

Forté offers a range of oil treatments to improve vehicle performance in various ways. Let’s explore the engine oil additives package included in each treatment and the benefits each solution offers… 

The Forté’s comparison

Our three main oil treatment products all have different benefits. Including; 

Oil System Protector (sold as Clean & Protect) – A preventative maintenance 

Oil System Protector is designed for continuous protection, maintaining oil stability during extended service intervals and preventing oil burning.

  • Optimise engine oil performance
  • Maintain oil stability during extended service intervals
  • Prevent oil burning

Top End Treatment 

Top End Treatment targets the upper part oof the engine, addressing specific issues such as valve noise and sticking valves.

  • Prevent and eliminate noisy Hydraulic Valve Lifter (HVL) operation
  • Free off and prevent sticking Variable Valve Timing (VVT) Systems
  • Free off sticking oil pressure control systems

Oil Fortifier – For older engines  

Oil Fortifier is ideal for high protection to engines operating under high load and for older engines showing signs of wear, reducing oil consumption and exhaust smoking.

  • Reduce engine oil additives consumption in engines showing signs of wear
  • Minimise exhaust smoking by providing better piston ring sealing
  • Restore performance to tired engines
  • Improve oil pressure to better protect moving parts

Learn more about our effective oil treatments and choose what’s right for your customers’ vehicle. 

Now you have a better understanding of the differences between our engine oil additives, you can ensure you supply your customers with the right oil solution for their vehicle. For more on this topic, or if you have a query about our products, please get in touch with us.