Forté Technical Tips – Our effective vehicle care & maintenance treatments

From power steering stiffness, oil leaks, to gear tooth wear and everything else in between, we understand that your customers come to you with a host of vehicle problems that need solving. Which is why, we’ve created a specifically formulated range of vehicle care & maintenance treatments, so your customers’ vehicles run smoothly. Join us as we discuss the top problems vehicle users experience and the Forté solutions.

Vehicle problem 1: Automatic transmission performance and longevity

Over time, automatic transmissions can accumulate deposits, contaminants, and experience wear, which can lead to rough shifting, slipping, or even failure. Manual gearboxes can also become ‘notchy’ when changing gear over time, causing harsh take-ups and flaring. 

The Forté solution?

Forté Automatic Transmission Treatment has been formulated to clean and protect the components of an automatic transmission system. This vehicle care & maintenance treatment, aims to dissolve deposits, helping to restore smooth operation and prevent further damage. 

By cleaning internal components and providing lubrication, it can potentially extend the lifespan of the transmission and improve overall performance, maintaining the health of automatic transmissions, ensuring they function optimally and reliably over time.

Forté Automatic Transmission Treatment

Vehicle problem 2: Differential and gear systems

Over time, differential and gear systems can accumulate deposits, experience wear, and suffer from inadequate lubrication, which can lead to increased friction, noise, and potential mechanical failures. These components are crucial for transferring power from the engine to the wheels and ensuring smooth operation, which is why it’s so important to fix this issue as soon as possible. 

The Forté solution?

Forté Diff and Gear Treatment is designed to clean and protect these components. It helps dissolve deposits, improve lubrication, and reduce friction within the differential and gear system. By doing so, this treatment aims to restore optimal performance, reduce noise, and extend the lifespan of these critical drivetrain components. 

This vehicle care & maintenance treatment is a preventive and maintenance solution, to keep the differential and gear system in good working condition, enhancing the overall reliability and efficiency of the vehicle.

Forté Diff and Gear Treatment

Vehicle problem 3: Faulty power steering systems

Power steering systems are essential for providing ease and control when steering a vehicle, especially at low speeds or when manoeuvring. Over time, these systems can become contaminated with dirt, debris, and old fluid, which can lead to stiffness, noise, or leaks.

The Forté solution?

Forté Power Steering Treatment is formulated to clean and condition the power steering system. It helps to remove contaminants, improve fluid circulation, and rejuvenate seals and components. By doing so, this treatment aims to restore smooth and responsive steering, reduce noise, and prevent potential leaks. 

This effective solution also helps maintain the integrity of the power steering system, ensuring reliable performance and extending its lifespan, serving as a maintenance solution to optimise the function and longevity of power steering systems in vehicles.

Forté Power Steering Treatment

Vehicle problem 4: Worn engine seals and mechanical systems

Seals play a crucial role in preventing fluid leaks and maintaining proper function of components such as the engine, transmission, and power steering system.Over time, these seals can become brittle, worn, or damaged, leading to leaks and reduced vehicle performance. 

The Forté solution?

Forté Seal Conditioner works to rejuvenate and condition these seals. It helps to soften and restore flexibility to rubber seals, which can help prevent or reduce leaks of oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and other vital fluids.

Our vehicle care & maintenance treatment will extend the lifespan of seals, maintain proper fluid levels, and improve overall system performance. This treatment is particularly useful for older vehicles or vehicles with high mileage, where seals may be more prone to wear and degradation. 

Here at Forté, we offer a range of specifically formulated vehicle care & maintenance treatments, designed to address common vehicle problems effectively. Improving vehicle performance and your customers’ overall satisfaction. If you have a query about our products and treatments, please get in touch with us.