Valve Cleaner

Forté Valve Cleaner has been specifically formulated for all petrol engines. It will remove combustion residue and carbon deposits, which have contaminated the air intake via the EGR and crankcase ventilation system. These deposits lead to irregular airflow, poor driveability and reduced fuel efficiency. Keeping the fuel injectors and the combustion chamber clean promotes complete combustion and reduces the impact of increased pressure during incomplete combustion events. A clean system also maintains the cylinder pressure as high pressure and temperature are key to the LSPI phenomenon.

Forté Valve Cleaner should be used regularly during service before the oil change to reduce contamination build-up within the inlet system, valve stem and valve seats reducing sticking valve complaints.

For direct (DI) and indirect injected petrol engines (IDI)

  • Cleans the air intake and combustion chamber
  • Cleans inlet valve stems and valve seats
  • Cleans air control valves, E.G.R. and air intake mechanisms
  • Restores correct airflow to improve air/fuel mixture
  • Restores the right function of the air control valves
  • Improves the performance and restores fuel efficiency