Protecting TBIO (Timing Belt In Oil)

Protecting TBIO (Timing Belt In Oil)

There has never been a more important time to flush an engine.

Forté is seeking to raise awareness among workshops of the growing use of Timing Belt in Oil (TBIO) or ‘wet belt’ systems that are fully encased in the engines on the latest vehicles.  The new technology has been introduced to meet emissions targets, cut the weight of components and the overall size of the engine whilst making it as efficient as possible.  Already in use by Ford, Volkswagen Group and PSA, TBIO systems are designed to last the life of the vehicle.

However, lack of servicing or use of the incorrect oil on engines with TBIO systems could have an adverse effect on the lifetime of the ‘wet belt’, making the quality, specification and cleanliness of the engine oil paramount.  In addition, the use of Start-Stop systems alongside TBIO technology presents its own challenges for the lubrication system, with start-stop events increasing by tenfold in a vehicle’s lifespan. This has resulted in changes to engine design, as well as the materials in the components and oil used to safeguard against wear.

In response, Forté has developed New Generation Engine Flush to help garages address the challenge of cleaning and protecting engines fitted with TBIO technology and Start-Stop systems, as well as tackle oil contamination resulting from the increased use of biodiesel and ethanol based fuels and the fitment of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) and after treatment systems.  The innovative product has been formulated with an improved blend of cleansing agents, dispersants and antiwear agents, resulting in increased cleaning and moisture emulsification throughout the lubrication system.

Forté New Generation Engine Flush removes sludge, varnish and lacquer caused by the effects of biodiesel and ethanol based fuels, as well as the heightened soot loading of the engine oil through the use of EGR and exhaust after treatment systems.  Furthermore, by thoroughly cleansing the lubrication pathways within the engine, the new product ensures optimum oil flow to critical moving parts, a vital factor to ensure engines with Start-Stop systems are adequately protected.  The product is compatible with internal drive belt systems and by effectively flushing out the oil system it also stabilises cylinder compression to restore lost engine power

Phil Dugmore, Forté’s Technical Manager, comments: “The advent of Timing Belt in Oil systems, alongside technologies such as Start-Stop and exhaust gas after treatment, means that there has never been a more important time to flush an engine to protect and preserve these critical components.  We have developed Forté New Generation Engine Flush to overcome this problem by rapidly cleaning and protecting the system, removing the sludge, varnish and lacquer contamination that can build up in the crankcase and oil pathways.”