CAT Focuses on Bacteria in the Air Con

CAT Focuses on Bacteria in the Air Con


CAT Magazine's March issue features an article by Hemal Mistry on bacteria found in air conditioning systems.

Forté's Technical Manager, Dave Norton's comments were featured in the article. He said, " and servicing the air conditioning loop on a vehicle is important as elderly and young occupants of a vehicle are more prone to suffer from the bacteria co-habiting in the system.

When entering the cabin space, the stored bacteria and fungi can produce a bad smell and affect cabin comfort," he adds, "This can give the driver flu-like symptoms or a sick feeling whilst driving. In-car cleanliness is important to the driver's welfare and comfort as well as any passengers breathing in cabin air."

Forte's Air Conditioner Steriliser & Deodoriser is the ideal solution for preventing and curing contamination in air conditioning systems. The product effectively eliminates mould, fungi and unpleasant odours that occur in these systems that tend to build up when the air conditioning is not used for a period of time, such as over the winter months.

Application of Forté Air Conditioner Steriliser & Deodoriser is simple and non-labour intensive, with no need for extension tubes, additional equipment or lengthy labour time from technicians. Furthermore, the product does not contain any solvent-based cleaning agents, making it completely safe to use, as it will not affect any interior components such as leather seats or wood and plastic trim.

Forté support workshops with free point of sale material which advises customers that bacteria and fungi can grow on the air conditioner's evaporator which may lead to spores being blown through the venitlation system affecting the cabin comfort.

To find out more about Forté's Air Conditioner Steriliser & Deodoriser, click here or contact the Technical Helpline on 024 7642 1131.